Attracting youth to the industry: From a company’s perspective

The industry is evolving rapidly and requires new talents to grow. With over 300 000 jobs to be filled in the following years in Sweden, the need is urgent. At Varbergs Precision, we recognize the importance of attracting young talents to our industry and investing in their education and development. That is why we have collaborations with the municipality, the business sector and schools.

By partnering with Teknikcollege 
and offering certified education programs, we can ensure access to the expertise needed to drive our future projects forward. We see the technology and industry sector as an exciting and vital industry where both youth and adults can make a real difference and shape tomorrow's innovations.

Joakim Engelin, CEO of Varbergs Precision, is the chairman of Teknikcollege and he wants to change the general perception that the industry is heavy, dark and dirty. He wants to show that modern industry can be innovative, clean and environmentally friendly, and that it offers exciting and varied job opportunities. By highlighting examples of high-tech and sustainable industries, Joakim hopes to change the negative image and attract more people to the industrial sector.

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