Precision - Every Time

Business Policy

Varbergs Precision is a contract manufacturer for customers with high demands on quality, precision and traceability.

Varbergs Precision manufactures fine mechanical products for primarily defense and medical equipment.
Our core values ​​are:
  • Precision in each step ensures that the customer gets what they demand without consuming more time, materials or resources than required.
  • we want our customers to perceive us as reliable and long-term partners

This means that:
  • Set requirements must be met in each process
  • Must maintain a high level of competence among employees and continuously train to meet new competence needs.
  • Continuously evaluate, develop and improve our processes
  • Binding requirements are minimum requirements
  • Reduce negative environmental impact and prevent pollution and emissions

Business concept

  • We contribute to technological evolution
  • We always deliver the precision the customer demands
  • 100% traceability of everything from materials, subcontractors, own       processes to delivery
  • We will manufacture with the best production technology solutions on the market