Business policy

Varbergs Precision is a contract manufacturer for customers with extremely high demands on quality, precision and traceability. We manufacture fine mechanical products for primarily defence and medical equipment.

Our core values ​​are:
- Precision in each step that ensures the customer gets what they demand without consuming more time, materials or resources than required.
- We want our customers to perceive us as a reliable and long-term partner.

This means that:
- Set requirements must be met in each process.
- Must maintain a high level of competence among employees and continuously train to meet new competence needs.
- Continuously evaluate, develop and improve our processes.
- Binding requirements are minimum requirements.
- Reduce negative environmental impact and prevent pollution and emissions.

Business concept

- We contribute to technological evolution.
- We always deliver the precision the customer demands.
- 100% traceability of everything from materials, subcontractors, own processes to delivery.
- We will manufacture with the best production technology solutions on the market.


At Varbergs Precision, we are dedicated to reducing our negative impact on the environment. We have implemented policies and procedures to minimize pollution and emissions and are committed to evaluating and improving our processes in order to continue to reduce our environmental footprint.

We believe that it is our responsibility to protect the environment for future generations and we are constantly working to find ways to be more sustainable in our operations. We encourage our suppliers and partners to join us in our efforts to protect the environment.